The first of my Autumn/Winter 2015 buys!

IMG_1396The first of my Autumn/Winter 2015 buys!

So the summer holidays have been and gone and already feel like a distant memory.  My mini-me, the youngest, aka ‘the baby’ has started primary school and I feel like I have lost my left arm!!  I have dreamt of having this time to delve, head first into my world of fashion, styling and all things colourful.  As exciting this is, I have to say I feel a little lost without her – you don’t realise how much time you spend with your little one until they go to school…

Now back to the blog!  I’d like to share my first purchases of the new Season….It was whilst I was packing for our family summer holiday to Italy, that I found myself doing a Wardrobe Cleanse to de-clutter and I realised that the last time I had done this was a year ago.  It is incredible what you can hoard and not wear and I really was holding on to some tat!  Not only is my wardrobe much clearer now, but it made me be able to see what gaps I had and needed to fill.  Knowing which key pieces I needed made shopping simple and very effective.  I talk to so many women who say they buy on a whim and rarely have a clue about what they actually ‘need’ to complete the look of several outfits.  

Each piece we buy should work with three other pieces, this is what a capsule wardrobe is all about – easy when you know how.

My justification for ‘cheering myself up’ from the little one fleeing the nest (Ok maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but still!) I decided to check out some of the latest editions on the high street, for the new Season ahead.  Calling it research, I actually had a very successful shopping trip, mainly in a favourite store of mine Mango.

It was after assessing my purchases, I have realised that my personal style seems to have taken a rather masculine direction recently.  I love classic pieces with an edge of drama (more so for evening wear) but I definitely seem to be quite ‘boyish’ at present?!  I insist on comfortable footwear as I can’t cope with being in any discomfort, plus with two school runs a day, I have to be practical i.e. fit in with my lifestyle.  This is something a Personal Stylist must always identify with a client, what their lifestyle is and be able to dress them accordingly.  If your clothes don’t suit your lifestyle, then you really are going to be stuck with very little to wear.

So this is the outfit I have recently put together.  I have bought all of the pieces except for the jeans, which I already owned and bought on a trip to Spain last year.  The great thing is that these pieces all mix and match with what is already in my wardrobe, so can be worn in multiple ways.  I always show my clients the pieces they already have that work together and will suggest a new piece, if it will create or complete a new outfit   For example the blue shirt below can be worn with smart black trousers for an office look, the jeans for a smart/casual look and a ‘pleather’ skirt for an evening look.  One new addition, works with three different looks, making it an investment piece. 

So here is to the new season ahead and lots more ‘research’ trips to come!  Plus I have some new clients waiting to be styled which I am so looking forward to.  I am sure the mini-me blues will pass by in a flash as I’ll be busy doing my dream job.  Maybe my colour palette in this new outfit is reflecting my ‘blues’ – what do you think?!

Until next time, happy shopping, and do check out my website for further information on my services.

Love Claire x

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