New Online Wardrobe Edits!

What unusual times we are in, hey? Never before have I wished so much for freedom of movement and to be dashing all over the place! This lockdown period we are in will mark history and I hope that we all learn lots from this period of ‘stay at home’ and ‘go slow’.
As a self employed person who has grown my business over the last six years, I have to find new ways to work for the time being. As many of you know I have recently taken on a new small studio, above Soho Hairdressing  For now that is shut to follow the Government’s guidance but it doesn’t mean my business is shut – not at all!
I am able to offer three out of my four services online, via the Zoom platform. Zoom is free and really easy to set up and has been a life saver for so many businesses at present.

The services that I can still offer and will do so at discounted rates (due to not being in person with you) are the following:

  • Style Consultation where we discuss your needs and discover your style personality by looking at your unique jigsaw pieces, creating your personal style
  • Online Wardrobe Edit  where we look at what you have that works and edit out what doesn’t. We create new outfit ideas, from what you already own, resulting in a new capsule wardrobe. *please note that this does not include the express Colour Analysis as I have to be in person with you to do this accurately  
  • Online Personal Shop If you have had a Style Consultation with me, then we can easily shop together online via Zoom where we can explore items together. Or you can send me your clothing wish list and I can shop for you. Items will be sent directly to your home, saving you the time in finding these. *Please note I am unable to do any returns during this lockdown period  
  • Colour Analysis is the only service that I cannot offer at present. The reason for this is because I need to be with you in person, so that I can accurately assess your natural colouring of hair, skin and eyes. You also need to be sat in a naturally lit room, ideally in front of a window, which is why my new studio is perfect for this session! Don’t ever believe you can do Colour Analysis ‘online’ as it is for these reasons that you can’t!

So to keep things going as best as I can and to keep offering you my years of styling expertise, I can offer 3/4 of my services and I’m happy to do so at discounted rates. Now is the time to be getting those jobs done that you always say you will but run out of time to do. Now is the time to reflect on your personal image and declutter the clothing that no longer represents who you are. Now is the time to make use of the ‘not needed’ pile of clothing and get ready for selling on sites such as Ebay or Vinted.
I like to say that ‘less is more’ in the styling stakes and now is a time to really invest in getting yourself that capsule wardrobe, you’ve wanted for so long! After all, you are your brand, so let’s get you ready for the return to ‘normal’ whenever that may be!
Stay safe, stay home, stay well and let’s continue to flatten the curve of this awful COVID-19.

Much love and well wishes, Claire xx