Mental Health Awareness campaign #statementMINDtees

Wellbeing comes in many forms and I believe that our appearance can help or hinder how we feel about ourselves. Many of my clients come to me when they are stuck in a rut and say that they feel low because of it. During a styling session we talk about the jigsaw pieces that will create your personal style. These are simple steps, which include being shown colours that will make your face glow, discovering a style personality that truly resonates with you, as well as understanding the correct cut and cloth, which works in harmony with your individual body shape. Simply put, we look at the three C’s: Colour, Cut and Cloth.

Once my client has regained some control of their own style, I often get messages saying how much better they feel. As I often listen to very personal histories from clients, I recently decided to undergo some mental health training. What I noticed was how much of a taboo mental health still is, especially for men. With this knowledge and to mark my fifth year in business, I have decided to design some mental health awareness t-shirts. I will be selling these with 20% of the proceeds being split between two charities: Young Minds and the Noah’s Ark – Tiny Lives Appeal. All of my daily work is over on my Instagram page and you can see all the people who have supported this campaign so far.

‘It’s Ok not to be Ok, lets lift the lid on mental health.’

Disclaimer: As part of the cause related marketing agreement, for each item sold during the partnership, 20% of the profits will be donated to charity. 10% will be donated to the Noah’s Ark Charity, Tiny Lives Appeal, registered charity number 1069485. 10% will be donated to Young Minds, registered charity number 1016968.