Personal Shopping For Women

You may have a special occasion to go to or simply want some new pieces that are going to update your look.  If so, a personal shopping session can help you gain style and confidence ~ quickly!

You may also need help with filling in the gaps in your wardrobe, whilst ensuring that you are buying the right pieces. I can do this with you quickly and efficiently.

If we have never met before, it is essential that we start with a Style Consultation, so that I can really understand your needs and requirements.  This allows us to get to know one another, which Clients often find reassuring before we begin to shop.

There will be no more mistake buys, just pieces that are going to work for you and that you will enjoy wearing. You know how good you feel when you love what you are wearing!

In person = £250 for 2 hrs

NEW! Online shopping direct to your inbox - £100

*New Clients ~ Must have had a Style Consultation prior to a personal shop 

See Online Shopping section

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  • Budget appropriate suggestions
  • Introduction to new brands
  • Examples of how to mix & match outfits
  • Outfit inspiration & how to put them together
  • A private album of you photographed in your new looks
  • Savy shopping tips

A few thoughts on fashion and what it means to me.

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